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The Music

‘The Water is Attracted to Water EP presents five musical compositions taken from our theatre show. Listen or download here, for free or for a contribution of your choice.’

‘Are You Monsters?’ looks at our relationship with our symbiotic monsters; ‘Cleaner Than You’ confronts our personal complicity in the environmental crisis; ‘Name A Flood’ is one of the songs that we might want to sing on Water’s birthday; ‘Dance Like A Molecule’ is for when you want to do the Water Molecule Dance!

The initial musical materials were developed by Tom Le Cocq through collaborative improvisation with Kate Adams and Alexia Beziki. These early improvisations brought together text, sound and movement in activities that ranged from the dynamic weaving together of narrative flows to trying to make the sound of a leaky tap or exploring the how rain varies from country to country. The sonic textures and harmonic spaces opened up in these early sessions became the material Tom used to write the songs and create the sounds presented here.

In the show, the pieces are performed using just voice and guitar. For the EP these pieces have been transformed into lush arrangements with further instrumentation. The exception to this process is ‘Draw A Flood’, which remains faithful to its original form and features dialogue performed by Kate Adams and Alexia Beziki. The drums on ‘Cleaner Than You’ and ‘Name A Flood’ were performed by Harry Summers. All other sounds were composed and performed by Tom Le Cocq, who also did the recording, mixing and mastering.


Are You Monsters

Cleaner Than You
Name a Flood / Water Day
Draw a Flood
A man with long hair playing a guitar
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