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Image by Evgenia Bourzoukou.

Water is Attracted to Water

In Water is Attracted to Water, two theatre performers, a musician, and a scientist create drawings, experiments, songs, arguments and imagined scenarios to build a 21st century myth for the human relationship with water.  A quirky celebration of the most important molecule for life on earth.  

We remember the floods, we tell stories about science and sandcastles, and we do the Water Molecule Dance. 

We give as many answers as possible to the question:

"What really is the story of water?"

To read about our process and approach, check out our process page, here.

Theatre We could celebrate water (Medie

Audience feedback

“A celebration of everything that water is. Poetic, honest, playful.“

“This show makes me think that everyone can work with everyone and has a proper thing to add to a project, thank you for that.”

“Miklas’ experiments gave me hope in a difficult time when it’s easy to succumb to fear.”

“Really enjoyed tonight’s performance, so did my 11yr old daughter. Really interesting, funny and positive vibe.”

The Team

Writer and director
Kate Adams
Choreographer and assistant director
Medie Megas
Scientific consultant
Professor Miklas Scholz
Maro Michalakakos
Kate Adams
Alexia Beziki
Tom Le Cocq
Miklas Scholz
Adam Lyon
Kate Adams
Alexia Beziki
Tom Le Cocq
Miklas Scholz
Trailer and video documentation
Adam Lyon

With special thanks to Georgia Aliferi for her work on the project.

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