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film Hexagons gather (Evgenia Bourzoukou


Water is Attracted to Water is a project which has engagement and celebration at its heart. In all our workshops, whether they are for artists, students, schools or families, we want to open up what it means to tell the story of water and celebrate its place in our lives.

Upcoming: Wishes for Water Workshops

Salisbury Centre, Edinburgh: February 17th - March 9th, 2024, every Saturday 5:30 - 6:30pm

Suggested donation £5 per session, but it is fine to pay less or not to pay if you do not have the money. 


Register via Eventbrite. 

a drip of water hanging off a twig

Lead artist, Kate Adams will be offering a series of four workshops exploring our relationship with water through movement, stories, drawing and words. We'll explore themes of water and life, cycles in nature and connecting to the earth through water.

This is a welcoming space for personal and creative exploration, accessible to all. You are welcome to attend on a session by session basis or come to the full series. 

Water Molecule Dance

The Water Molecule Dance first appeared in our theatre show, but now in collaboration with WATERAGRI, we hope to use the dance as a fun way to celebrate water and also to raise awareness about some of the issues around sustainability and to teach some of the science of the water molecule. The dance is in three parts. Part one shows the shape and movements of water molecules; part two shows how water flows through plants and around the world as a part of the water cycle through evaporation and rain falling; part 3, the hexagons, shows water as ice melting and each movement in the dance has a meaning behind it.


The video demonstration to learn the molecule dance yourself is coming soon!

a small group on a field by a lake dancing while a camera man films

Our Workshops

We use group drawing, storytelling, the Water Molecule Dance, improvisation games and music in our creative process and in our workshops we do the same. And then we prioritise whatever works best for each group.

Abstract drawing of a river

What does it mean to draw a river? These two pictures are from the same creative task but two totally different perspectives. Our aim is to bring different stories and ways of imagining the world together into the same space: artists and scientists, children and engineers.

Drawing of a river with scientific labels

Public workshops for schools, families, or anyone who wants to try something a bit different

We use creative activities to build curiosity about water and science with young people and to find ways to help all participants tell their stories and find their voice. At the end of each workshop, everyone has a little bit of their own story and these stories are all brought together to create a communal myth for what water means to us today.

Workshops for artists or theatre students

In a sense, the workshops for artists don’t change much from the ones for kids. We are all playing anyway. What we do try to do though is to go into a bit more depth over a more extended session or series of sessions to introduce our improvisational approaches from the project. In the longer sessions we also look at how different materials can be woven together into a broader landscape.

Abtract sketch of clouds

Workshop drawing of clouds

Large group of people indoors with their arms up dancing

Creative workshops for scientists and professionals working in environment and research.

Telling the story of water through creative workshops is a way for people working on very challenging material surrounding climate change and water resources to connect their important work with wider picture and to find space to confront some of the difficult psychological and emotional impact of working in this area. 


We are not just interesting in bringing science into art, but also in bringing art into the science and engineering world.

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