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Exciting news! New performer joins Water!

We are super excited to welcome performer Emanuel de Jesus to join Water is Attracted to Water for final development of the theatre show!

Emanuel is a physical theatre performer with acting experience across film, stage and street theatre. He loves many kinds of movement and dance forms and speaks a terrifying number of languages! We are very happy to be working together and can't wait to get started. And of course, like all the Water is Attracted to Water collaborators, Emanuel loves water.

"Water is nature's vehicle

For some, it's just water.

For me it's where I recharge my energies!

For me it is like wind, like sound, it is like a guide

For me it is where I keep my memory safe" (Emanuel)

Thank you Emanuel for these beautiful and poetic words. More news soon from all of us at Water is Attracted Water. But for now, enjoy the spring and if you get the chance, dip a toe (or more) in your nearest water source!


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