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The Dancing Story Award

We are really excited to announce that One Day We Will Dance With You is the winner of the Dancing Story Award at the Cinema Verde Ecofestival, Florida, USA. Check out our trailer below!

It was an honour to participate, to see so many great films and to get to know some of the other directors in the round table discussion.

One Day is still available to watch over the summer on the Cinema Verde platform alongside the directors' panel and interview, and many other eco films and discussions. Here's a little clip of Kate Adams (writer and performer) and Alkis Papastathopoulos (director) in interview.

Workshops news

In other Water is Attracted to Water news, we have very much enjoyed working with the Duncan Dance Research Centre to share watery workshops with young people in Athens. We developed three workshops for different age groups exploring the qualities of water and our relationship with it through games, movement, dance and wishes for water.

Hearing the hopes and wishes for the future from young people is especially important now, as we recognise the need for adaptation and respectful approaches to our relationship with the natural world. It was moving to hear so many wishes for positive change and to see the extraordinary creativity in making their own water movements and sharing them with each other.


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