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A busy and exciting time for Water is Attracted to Water this week, as Kate Adams joined WATERAGRI for the launch of their incredible research project about sustainable water use in farming!

WATERAGRI is an EU research project funded by the EU Horizons 2020 grants and we are very happy to be working with them on our short film (more info soon!). One of the most exciting things about their work is the reintroduction of nature-based solutions like constructed wetlands into the agricultural landscape. They aim to reuse water and nutrients in the soil, so that crops will be less affected by drought and can be grown more easily without chemical fertilisers.

As a part of the launch, on May 12th, Kate Adams from Water is Attracted to Water, had the honour of speaking about arts and science collaboration and public engagement. She discussed how the arts and behavioural sciences can contribute to processes of managing adaptation relating to climate change.

We are really inspired to be working with people who are collaborating across so many different countries and disciplines to find sustainable solutions for water and to ensure we still have food on our tables in the future!

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