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Premiere in Croatia for 'One Day We Will Dance with You'!

We are very excited to announce that our short film ‘One Day We Will Dance With You’ has been selected for inclusion in the Smaragdni Ecofilm Festival in August 2021.

Two women reaching up into a blue sky in celebration
Evapotranspiration! Image by Evgenia Bourzoukou

One Day We Will Dance with You is a short film written and produced by Kate Adams and directed by Alkis Papastathopoulou. It re-imagines the creation of the Water is Attracted to Water project's Water Molecule Dance, a community dance celebrating the science of the water molecule, the amazing weirdness of water and the importance of this tiny molecule for life on earth!

The film also features a dance sequence dedicated to the WATERAGRI project and their work on ponds, wetlands and sustainable water use in farming. It is really important to us to celebrate the real research and hard work around the world that is helping us to adapt to and mitigate the changes already happening due to the climate crisis.

One Day we Will Dance with You will be travelling by bicycle along the River Una in Croatia as part of the Smaragdni Ecofilm Festival, and showing in the following locations:

26th August 2021 Petrinja, Dvor, Hrv. Kostajnica

27th August 2021 Hrv. Dubica, Jasenovac

28th August 2021 Majur, Sunja, Lonjsko Polje

29th August 2021 Sisak

Huge thanks to everyone involved in making the film and to the Smaragdni Festival for including us.


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